Thank you for purchasing the TerraTopT CBLX countertop water treatment system, one of the many fine environmental products from Global Environmental Technologies®. Our goal is to provide you with highest quality products, while keeping a commitment to our shared environment. We hope you enjoy using your TerraTopT CBLX and welcome any comments or suggestions to improve our products.
The TerraTopT CBLX

The TerraTopT CBLX water treatment system utilizes the TerraFilT CBLX replacement cartridge. It attaches easily and quickly to standard U.S. faucets.

Installation :

1. Take long reach spout out of hardware package. Apply a thin coat of vaseline or vegelatum to spout 0-rings. Push spout down until spout 0-rings lock into front filter fitting.

2. Take tubing out of hardware package.

3. Bring water to a boil in a pot, approximately 1" deep.

4. Submerge one end of plastic tubing into boiling water (DO NOT ALLOW TUBING TO REST AGAINST EDGE OF POT: TUBING WILL MELT.) Keep in water approximately 1-2 minutes. This will soften tubing to allow the tubing to slide easily onto barb fitting on the back of your TerraTopT CBLX.

5. Take softened tubing and slide onto barb fitting on the back of your TerraTopT CBLX. Make sure to slide tubing over all the notches of the fitting, flush to unit.

6. Repeat boiling instructions above for other end of tubing.

7. Take diverter out of diverter hardware package and slide softened tubing onto the barbed fitting (back side of diverter pin.) Make sure to slide tubing over all the notches of the fitting, flush to unit.

8. Unscrew your existing faucet aerator from faucet (screen piece.)

9. Screw the diverter valve onto faucet threading, being careful not to strip the swivel collar threading. Just hand tighten. DO NOT USE TOOLS.

10. Turn cold water on, pull diverter pin to operate TerraTop®. During the initial use, water and air bursts will come out of the faucet until the dome fills up with water. Flush the TerraTopT CBLX for 7 to 10 minutes before use.

11. If there are leaks at the diverter valve faucet connection, take one rubber washer out of diverter hardware package and place into top of diverter. Please make sure rubber washer is seated flat and tight in diverter.

12. If there is a leak around the bottom of the unit, where the base and dome connect, check to make sure there is a black o-ring in the dome groove and make sure the black o-ring is seated flatly in the dome groove and that the base/dome connection is screwed firmly in place. If unit continues to leak, lubricate the black gaskets on both ends of the TerraFilT CBLX cartridge.

13. If your diverter valve will not easily attach to your existing faucet, a plastic adapter may be needed. Try one of the two adapters provided in your accessory package. If neither of the two adapters work, contact TerraFlo®'s customer service at 1-800-800-TERRA (8377) for assistance in obtaining additional adapters.

NOTE: If your diverter pin becomes hard to pull & push, the diverter mechanism has built up with calcium, lime or magnesium deposits. Please follow maintenance steps below.

1. Unscrew diverter from faucet aerator and place a few drops of vinegar into diverter mechanism; pull pin a few times, rinse thoroughly and dry. (Any household vinegar will work.)

2. Screw diverter back onto faucet

3. Turn cold water on, pull diverter pin to operate TerraTopT CBLX.


Model #: TerraTopT CBLX
Rated Service Flow: 0.6
GPM Max. Operating Pressure: 125 PSIG
Min. Operating Pressure: 40 PSIG
Max. Operating Temp.: 100 F
Min. Operating Temp.: 40 F
Replacement Cartridge Model #: TerraFilT CBLX (Filter cartridge is recommended to be replaced every 6-12 months, or if flow diminshes prior to a year.) Rated Capacity/Service Life: 400 US Gallon
Model#: TerraTopT CBLX tested and certified by NSF International to ANSI/NSF Standard 53 for VOC reduction, turbidity, lead, mercury and cyst reduction. And ASNI/NSF Standard 42 for taste, odor & chlorine reduction Class I & particulate reduction Class I.