Introduction To Our Most Precious Resource, Water

  • Since the earth's formation over 4.5 billion years ago, no new water has been created. The same amount of water has been continually filtered and re-filtered, cycled and recycled by man and nature.
  • Life on earth began in water, and the existence of life on the "water planet" is dependent upon the hydrocycle.
  • The hydrologic cycle or "water cycle" continually replenishes this supply through precipitation, runoff, percolation, evaporation, condensation, and once again precipitation.
  • Water is our most precious resource. One cannot live without water. It constitutes two thirds of our body weight and covers two thirds of the planet.
  • The majority of the existing water is not fresh water, but sea or salt water. Of the earth's 326 million cubic miles of water, only 3% is fresh water.
  • Fresh water is truly a rare commodity.